How to Curate the Best Poses for Photos on Your Wedding Day

You’ve got the perfect partner, the perfect wedding dress, and the perfect venue.

Now the perfect photos will ensure the beauty of your wedding day will be captured forever.

So, it’s no surprise that you’ve combed through hundreds of wedding photos looking for the right photographer.

Yet somehow, after scrolling through just a few, it feels like they all blend into the same ten boring photos with the same ten cookie-cutter poses.

The last thing you want is for your wedding photos to look like everyone else’s.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you curate the 15 best unique poses for your wedding day.

Are There Standard Wedding Poses Every Couple Should Do?

The short and simple answer is no, there should not be a standard set of poses every couple should do. 

Every couple is unique and it’s the photographer’s job to make sure that your photos reflect that on your wedding day. 

Julian Ribinik has years of experience capturing the most stunning wedding moments throughout New York City. He takes the time to get to know each couple to find the unique wedding photo poses that bring out their best in the most authentic way.

How Do the Most Unique Wedding Photo Poses Come About?

While some poses work best for certain factors, it’s important that the photo looks and feels natural.

Technically every couple is posed, but direction from a skilled photographer will take these factors into account to make sure that poses come about naturally while still looking great.

Body Composition

Photographers understand how the body is perceived through the lens and how to use angles or shapes to hide or highlight certain areas.

If you have …

  • Areas of concern
  • Insecurities; or
  • A side you prefer 

… let your photographer know. 

A good photographer should be able to suggest poses that will ensure you and your partner look your best in your photos.


It’s important to capture the chemistry between you and your partner.

That can be difficult if you’re more focused on holding your arm here or foot there.

Photographers aim to capture the magic that happens when you look into each other’s eyes and forget the whole world exists. 


What good would the chemistry be if it was in complete darkness?

Shadows can ruin even the most beautiful shot.

Your photographer should be sure to pose you in a way that makes the most of the lighting and can even use it to create a beautiful effect.


It’s always a good idea to consider your venue and surroundings for photos.

A skilled photographer knows how to take advantage of your surroundings to capture the beauty of your wedding day.

Julian Ribinik has experience photographing weddings in every venue imaginable throughout New York City –– from edgy Brooklyn venues to the most romantic and elegant spaces of Manhattan.

Julian specializes in capturing the authentic NYC character and mood in your wedding photos, regardless of the lighting.

15 Unique Poses for Wedding Photos

4 Pre-Wedding Photo Poses

If you’re feeling a little camera shy, a good way to warm up to the lens (and your photographer) is by doing an engagement photoshoot.

Engagement photoshoots are great because:

  • They allow the photographer to get to know you as a couple ahead of time 
  • You get some beautiful photos to celebrate your engagement
  • You can use these photos to send out with your announcement or save the dates

Since engagement shoots tend to be a little more casual, it’s easy to allow yourself to just be with your partner and let the photographer capture the moments naturally.

Here are just a few examples of engagement poses that turned out beautifully when we let the couples forget about the camera.

Example Wedding Engagement Pose #1

Walking hand in hand and enjoying each other’s company is a great way to connect without feeling posed. No doubt you’ve taken countless romantic strolls with your partner, so don’t let this one be any different. Just slow down the pace and strike up a conversation.

Example Wedding Engagement Pose #2

There’s nothing sweeter than a gentle kiss. Whether it’s on the hand or forehead, do what feels natural to you. Just remember to keep it clean for grandma.

Example Wedding Engagement Pose #3

Sometimes the best moments are captured when you and your partner are having a moment in the most public of spaces. It’s that feeling when the whole world around you melts away and it’s only the two of you. It doesn’t need to be on the subway train or in the middle of Time Square, so long as you are in tune with each other and leave everything else behind.

Example Wedding Engagement Pose #4

A simple squeeze is all it takes. Your photographer may direct you on which arm to put where to make sure you’re not blocking your partner’s face, but it’s most important that the squeeze feels natural.

8 Beautiful Wedding Poses

Example Wedding Pose #1

A photo of the happy couple holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes is one of the classic wedding photo poses and will always be timeless.

Example Wedding Pose #2

The first look is one of the most important photographs on your wedding day. For the best first look photos, embrace the moment. Let it unfold and don’t think about the photographer at all. A great professional photographer will capture the emotion of the moment without you even noticing.

Example Wedding Pose #3

Intimate moments look great when they’re caught without you looking at the camera. Enjoy these moments and try not to look at the photographer –– even better –– forget they’re there at all.

Example Wedding Pose #4

Sometimes movement is all you need. Moving around naturally as if the camera wasn’t there helps to loosen you up, then you feel and look most like yourself.

Example Wedding Pose #5

The subtle glance back at the camera captures the photogenic side of any couple. Photographers love to ask for this look just after capturing an intimate moment with the couple not looking at the camera.

Example Wedding Pose #6

Candid laughter always looks better on camera than forced moments. Whisper an inside joke to your partner to lighten up the mood and let your wedding photographer catch the way your faces light up. This works great for both couples and wedding party portraits.

Example Wedding Pose #7

Casual poses that come about when you and your partner naturally embrace each other are the most authentic. A great photographer will let the couple interact, then observe and give spontaneous direction based on how they move with each other.

Example Wedding Pose #8

Stopping for a romantic break in nature always sets up a good photo, especially when you can take the moment to really enjoy each other.

3 Wedding Party Photo Poses

Example Wedding Party Pose #1

All eyes on the gorgeous couple. Your bridal party is there to support your union and has probably been there to support your relationship along the way. It can be nice to ask them to send all that supportive energy in your direction while the photographer snaps the shot.

Example Wedding Party Pose #2

Sometimes the best photos are candid and caught in a selfie –– but in large groups someone’s bound to get cut out of the shot. Let the bridal party gather in for their own selfie while the photographer sneaks in a wider shot of the moment.

Example Wedding Party Pose #3

Your bridal party is your closest group of friends. Why not let them show off their personalities with their own poses? When everyone feels comfortable enough to be themselves, it always shines through.

Julian Ribinik Photography: Helping You Find Your Most Natural Wedding Day Poses

If you want to enjoy your wedding without worrying about the right poses for your photos, give us a call at Julian Ribinik Photography. 

No cookie-cutter photos here.

We’re neither entirely candid nor rigid and posed.

Our experience coupled with creativity and intuitiveness means that we find the poses that look and feel most natural to you.

No two weddings are the same and we approach each wedding with the imagination and originality necessary to capture the uniqueness of your special day.

Contact us today and let us create beautifully tailored photos that reflect your unique desires.

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