Photojournalistic Wedding Photography: What it Look Likes and How to Ensure Your Photographer Can Deliver on the Promise of Photojournalism

Capturing the true story of your wedding day is important to you — but how do you find a photographer that captures the raw and real moments while still leaving you with flawless photos? 

Cue the photographer specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography. 

If you’ve ever wondered if a photojournalistic wedding photography style is right for your big day, look no further. 

We’re covering the details on what the style should look like, how to find the right photographer for your day, and more. 

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What Is Photojournalistic Wedding Photography?

Photojournalistic wedding photography is photography that shows things the way they really are. It captures genuine moments and feelings as they are happening during the wedding. 

Photojournalists, much like a journalist, tell the real story of your wedding day — a story that when you look at the photos from your day, you’ll feel like you’re back in those moments. 

Think of photojournalistic wedding photography as an undirected and unposed visual narrative of your wedding day. 

Wedding photojournalism involves showing your love story the way it is …

  • The chemistry you have with your partner
  • Your personalities
  • The way you interact with others at your wedding; and 
  • How guests interact with one another. 

Unlike traditional wedding photographers, who will, for example, have many shots of the wedding party posed and smiling, wedding photojournalists can adapt to any situation, and capture memories as they are happening — like the groom laughing with his groomsmen. 

Photojournalists are able to get the shot they envision, no matter what. 

6 Components of Journalistic Style Wedding Photography

#1: Authentic

One of the most essential components of journalistic wedding photography is authenticity. 

Unlike other photography styles, a photojournalistic style doesn’t involve a list or a template — it involves an organic, personal approach. 

A good wedding photojournalist can capture the personalities and chemistry of the couple through their camera lens. 

One of my favorite examples of authenticity is capturing “first look” photographs. Done right, these photos can give a couple a beautiful look back on their day and the feelings that were captured before walking down the aisle. 

Just from looking at the couple below, you can feel the excitement of their day. You can sense the love even if you’ve never met them — and this couple can look back and reminisce on exactly what was going through their minds in that moment. 

#2: Emotional

A photojournalistic wedding photographer captures the raw and real side of any wedding, not just the posed and poised moments. 

From the tear in the maid of honor’s eye as the bride walks down the aisle, to the groom showing his best dance moves on the dancefloor, photojournalists are actively adapting to the day to capture moments from the beginning to the end. 

Think of photojournalistic wedding photography as a documentary of the day you establish yourself as a married couple.  

The bride below, for example, was swept up in emotion when given a very special gift. 

These are the moments that photojournalistic wedding photography captures without the need for prompting or staging, and when couples look back on them they will feel lost in the moment all over again.

#3: Candid

Photojournalistic wedding photography is about the moments that aren’t staged or posed. Some of the most memorable moments are the candid ones that many traditional photographers don’t capture. 

For instance, a bride and her bridesmaid dancing, singing, and laughing at the reception of this New York wedding.

Unposed and unstaged, this photo perfectly captures the joy and admiration in the bridesmaid’s face.  

#4: Documentary-Style

As we mentioned earlier, photojournalistic wedding photography gives viewers a visual narrative of the entire day. 

From the … 

  • Small details while getting ready
  • Smile on a grandfather’s face when he sees the bride for the first time, or the 
  • “Behind-the-scenes” kiss as the reception comes to an end 

… photojournalist can capture the moments that truly tell the story from beginning to end. 

The moments that you would overlook during the hustle and bustle of your big day — those are the moments your photographer will be capturing when you hire a photographer with a photojournalistic style

#5: Unobtrusive

True photojournalistic wedding photographers have a way of capturing unstaged, magnificent moments without being obtrusive or altering the scene. 

Photojournalists can capture the best shots without getting in the way of those helping celebrate the occasion — staying stealthy and sophisticated. 

#6: Feature More Than Only the Couple

If you’ve looked at any number of traditional wedding photography portfolios, you may notice a common theme: just the couple. 

While there is nothing wrong with a strong focus on the couple — as it is their day — most people enjoy looking back and viewing photos of their family and friends celebrating their love, too. 

Generally speaking, those involved in your wedding day are people who have left an impact on your life and your relationship — and your photos will help keep the memories with those involved alive for decades to come.

Couples want their wedding photography to tell a love story with every “character” in it. 

Should Wedding Photojournalism Be Applied to All Aspects of Documenting Your Big Day?

Although wedding photojournalism is the ideal style to capture the many moments of your big day, there are still moments that may (and should) be directed and posedespecially for the more “formal” photos

A good photographer will encourage a couple to be themselves together and let their personalities shine through, but they will still provide bits of direction without making you feel uncomfortable. 

Are you a couple that laughs a lot? Your photographer can bring that out in you. 

Maybe you feel awkward in front of a camera. A good wedding photographer will help you get comfortable to capture those perfect shots. 

The Best Wedding Photography Blends Photojournalism With Comfort and Creativity

A photojournalistic wedding style is one that many couples prefer over traditional wedding photography, and it’s easy to see why. But if not done right, a photojournalistic approach can still lack creativity and comfort. 

As a New York wedding photographer with a passion for capturing the intimate moments of each couple’s story, Julian Ribinik Photography believes that every love story should be captured just as it is told during your wedding day with authenticity and creativity. 

While we approach weddings with a photojournalistic wedding style, we also understand the importance of making couples feel comfortable and vulnerable in front of the camera. 

Aside from the candid moments, sometimes couples feel more comfortable with some coaching during the more formal photos. No one wants to look back at their photos and see how awkwardly placed their hands were, or that their positioning was slightly off. 

At Julian Ribinik Photography, we approach every wedding with a creative mindset and a clear idea of what the couple envisions their wedding photography to look like — while also being mindful of the experience they get with us as photographers.

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What to Look for When Hiring Someone for Their Journalistic Wedding Photography Skills

A Photographer Who Takes the Time to Really Get to Know You and Your Partner

Your wedding day is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other. 

To truly capture the day, it is vital that your photographer doesn’t just show up and start snapping photos, but they take the time to get to know you and your partner before your big day.  

As your photographer begins to get to know you, they will start to pick up on the details — small and large — that truly matter to you. 

Your photographer will pay attention to all the details of your love story, like: 

  • Is there something special about the location where you’re getting married? 
  • Is there a relative attending whom you deeply care about? 
  • Does the bride’s dress have small details that are significant to her? 

After getting to know you and your partner, a phenomenal wedding photographer will become a part of your big day, leaving you feeling comfortable and vulnerable in their presence. 

A Portfolio That Is Not Full of Only Formals

If you’re scrolling through a photographer’s portfolio, pay attention to the scene the photos are taken in. 

A big red flag that a photographer doesn’t capture photojournalistic wedding photos is when a portfolio is full of staged, formal photos, with very few before-the-wedding moments or candid shots from the reception. 

Remember, photojournalistic wedding photography is about providing a visual story of your wedding day. Find the photographer who can capture footage in a way that tells your story in a raw and beautiful fashion. 

A Photographer Who Is Willing and Able to Adapt and Be Flexible

Think of a photographer with a photojournalistic wedding style as a storyteller who can predict moments at your wedding before they even happen. 

Wedding photojournalists have to work with what they’re given and be prepared to adjust to any circumstances the day might bring. 

Discuss the Potential Photographer’s Methods

Your wedding day is one that you’ve already put your heart into, so you deserve to find a photographer that puts their heart into your photos.

When searching for the right photographer who uses a photojournalistic wedding style, don’t be afraid to ask them to explain factors that may influence your decision to hire them.

Consider asking the photographer things like: 

  • How they like to work 
  • How they usually interact with couples and their wedding guests
  • To explain the story behind some of their favorite photos in their portfolio; and 
  • How they captured some of the images that stand out the most to you in their portfolio

Julian Ribinik: Let Us Capture Your New York Wedding With Authenticity

Julian Ribinik Photography has the photojournalistic mindset of being “moments-focused” with the creative ability to pickup on a couple’s style and personality — and capture images to match. 

Our top priority is creating images that tell your love story the way it is meant to be told. 

Contact Julian Ribinik Photography to find out more about our photography style and how we can help you capture your wedding day. 

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