A MUST READ For Brides Planning a Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Wow, you’re planning a Tribeca Rooftop wedding? First of all, congratulations! Second, good choice!

Located on a beautiful cobblestone street in the heart of New York City, Tribeca Rooftop is in a historic building that was once a 1920’s printing press. This venue is an amazing way to celebrate the city’s history while also making the event your own. In other words, it’s a wedding photographer’s dream job.

Whether you’re planning your own Tribeca Rooftop wedding or working with a wedding planner, the event is sure to be spectacular. To get the most out of your wedding photos, though, you’ll want some insider information.

That’s exactly why we’ve created this MUST READ guide to getting the best photos possible. We want you to have the most spectacular memories, both in your minds and on the pages of your wedding album!

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What’s Special About Tribeca Rooftop?

It’s difficult to find a better space than Tribeca Rooftop. With gorgeous skyline views, a rooftop terrace, a glass atrium, and a vast reception room, you couldn’t want for much more. At the same time, the venue acts as a sort of blank slate for you to personalize it in any way you choose.

The venue mimics the city’s landscape, using glass, metal, mirrors, and neutral colors that are reminiscent of the surrounding buildings. Up high among the skyscrapers, you feel that your wedding is happening in a skyscraper as well.

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How Can I Personalize My Tribeca Rooftop Wedding So It Looks Great In Photos?

Wedding photographers love this type of space because it allows them to play with light and reflections, but there must be something worth reflecting. Take advantage of this amazing setup to create an experience no wedding guest could forget.

While you’re planning, you’re certainly thinking about colors. If you love glamour, try black bridesmaid dresses and sparkly jewelry.

If you want something more playful, try adding bold color choices to your flower arrangements like one of our favorite couples, Andrea and Kevin. They brought color to the venue in their bright centerpieces full of pinks, reds, and purples.

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While you’re at it, add more mirrors and lights. Set up table centerpieces on mirrors to add more interest and show off those beautiful flowers. Try adding lots of candles so that more light can reflect off the metal and mirrors.

At Jackie and Kevin’s wedding, they used a mirrored ceremony arch topped with a huge floral arrangement. They also decorated their entire reception with glass, metal, and candles to make the place shine.

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How Can I Get Incredible Tribeca Rooftop Wedding Photos?

One of the best ways to think about decorating and planning your wedding is to envision your wedding photographs. Are there any nearby areas that you think would make for a great shot, or mean something special to you as a couple? Think about how the backdrops to major events, such as your ceremony or first look, might need something a little extra to make them pop.

Not only will thinking about the big picture help with decorating and planning the day, but it will help you come up with ideas for your photographs. When you hire a photography team, they’ll want to know if there are any special places you’d like to take portraits and bridal party pictures. Now is the time to start compiling your list!

As a photography team with experience at this venue, we’ve found several of our favorite locations and backdrops for your wedding pictures. We’ve listed a few below to get you started.

Sky-High First Looks

Plan on seeing each other before the ceremony? This is a great way to get more pictures in throughout the day before you get too busy with the wedding schedule. One of the best things about getting married at Tribeca Rooftop is that you have an amazing sky-high backdrop for your first look.

One spouse can wait out on the rooftop terrace, and the other can walk out to meet them. Behind you, there’s a full panorama of the surrounding buildings and huge sky. What more could you need?

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Brick Building Backdrops

Brick is always a wonderful background for close-up portrait photos. Thankfully, this area is full of brick buildings. You can easily capture the spirit of NYC in your wedding pictures, your veil, and your dress flowing in the breeze.

A great wedding photographer will be able to play with perspective and angles to add interesting depth and lines to your photos using the road and buildings as well.

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Walk the Cobblestone Streets

A favorite aspect of the area around Tribeca Rooftop is the cobblestone streets. These wide stone-gray roads, lined with historical brick buildings and trees, make the perfect neutral and textured palette for your wedding photos. They’re large enough to fit the whole bridal party or can act as a gorgeous backdrop to your couple’s portraits.

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Balance Historical With Modern

The city still holds many of the oldest and richest structures in the nation, yet modern buildings are continually being built. This balance of historical and renovated is at the heart of Tribeca Rooftop, and your photographers should capture it as best they can.

One great way to do this is to wander around the city blocks near the venue and get shots of you and your Hunny crossing streets, dancing on the sidewalks, and taking in the views. This is the day to remember for the rest of your lives, so candid shots of your love of each other and of life are so important!

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Kiss Under the Staple Street Bridge

Most visitors to NYC are aware of the major bridges that connect Manhattan to the other boroughs and New Jersey. Have you heard of Staple Street Bridge, though? Unlike the other bridges that cross over water, this bridge goes between buildings over the street in Tribeca!

This cast-iron historic bridge runs right through two buildings over an alley called Staple Street. It used to connect two separate buildings of a hospital, but now it is now part of a luxury loft.

This bridge is a breath-taking sight from the ground, so be sure to request it as a backdrop for your photos.

Staple Street Bridge wedding photos

Celebrate Your Forever With Us

We’re so excited that you’ve chosen to tie the knot in the heart of NYC at Tribeca Rooftop. With a great eye for detail, the spirit of NYC, and love for each other, you’ll end up with the most beautiful wedding pictures.

If you need further help planning, and you’d like to partner with us to capture your day, please contact us!

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