The 11 Best Places to Take Wedding Pictures in NYC and How to Make the Most of Each Location

New York City. It’s magical. It’s moody. And it’s the chosen city for thousands of weddings every year.

From skylines to scenic parks and urbanity to coastal charm, NYC offers a backdrop for every type of wedding — and every type of couple.

But many couples find themselves stumped when it comes to choosing that perfect location for their wedding photography.

Don’t worry … 

If you’re among the many couples who can’t decide where to go to capture the moments of your special day, then read on. We’ll detail the 11 best places to take wedding pictures in NYC and everything you need to consider before you choose your photoshoot location.

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How to Choose a Location for Your Wedding Pictures in NYC

Many couples think they have the perfect spot. It could be the brewery where they first met or the library where they shared sidelong glances for months before conjuring the nerve to speak to one another.

However, not every sentimental location makes the best spot for your wedding photos. Certain limitations can get in the way of taking that perfect shot, such as lighting or spacing. 

A good wedding photographer will know whether your desired location will work or can give you suggestions based on your style and personality. 

Remain flexible as you explore options with your photographer, and finding your dream location will likely come much easier.

Julian Ribinik has been photographing weddings in NYC for years and has experience in every corner of the city.

No matter which of the five boroughs you choose for your wedding day, Julian can offer advice on the best wedding photo locations in NYC and tailor each of them to your unique needs and wants. 

Below are some of Julian’s favorite wedding photoshoot locations in NYC and how each of them can be used to create the wedding memories you want and deserve.

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11 Best Wedding Photoshoot Locations: NYC

#1: Central Park

A cliché? Not even a little bit.

New York City’s iconic Central Park is still the most popular destination for wedding photoshoots — and it’s for good reason.

The park offers seasonal beauty, natural and urban settings, and a few unique elements not found anywhere else in the city, such as:

  • Bethesda Terrace and Fountain
  • Naumburg Bandshell
  • Ladies Pavilion
  • Conservatory Garden
  • Cherry Hill
  • Cop Cot
  • Wagner Cove
  • Belvedere Castle Terrace
  • Bow Bridge
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • And so much more

Central Park offers a unique location close to many famous wedding venues and is close to almost every subway stop — making it as accessible as it is desirable. 

#2: Grand Central Terminal, Public Library, and Times Square

Yes, we know… they are three separate locations. But all possess that classic NYC charm, and because of their close proximity, it’s possible to have wedding photos taken at each location without the hassle of travel.

Grand Central Terminal is steeped in history and the bustling terminal truly captures the essence of the NYC lifestyle.

Times Square, known as the “Crossroads of the World,” is exciting, fast-paced, and is one of NYC’s most recognizable locations. From the lights to the yellow taxis to the billboards and the foot traffic below, Times Square is a quintessential destination for wedding photography in the city.

The steps of NYC’s Public Library have been seen on TV shows, movies, and pictures for decades. With its Beaux-Arts architectural design and ornate detailing, the century-old building is a favorite for wedding day photos.

#3: Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park offers city-dwellers a happy, little escape from busy midtown NYC and photographers a unique and artistic backdrop for some super fun wedding photos.

Grassy, tree-lined areas give way to some of the most beautiful urban backgrounds, including the famous FlatIron and MetLife buildings, while artwork peppers the grounds with a blend of classic monuments and contemporary exhibits.

The park is rich in history and is home to the iconic Shake Shack. Why not grab a shake and a burger and add a splash of NYC whimsy to your photoshoot?

#4: DUMBO, Brooklyn

Historic, urban, and NYC skyline for days, DUMBO in Brooklyn is among the more popular locations for incredible wedding photos.

Whether you’re taking pictures from the Brooklyn Bridge, Pebble Beach, or alongside the historic buildings and metropolitan backdrop of Plymouth Street, the location is a photographer’s dream come true.

Because DUMBO can be an extremely busy location, weekday weddings, post-wedding sessions, or early morning shoots are some ways to avoid the crowds and get the best possible photos.

#5: Red Hook, Brooklyn

If you’re looking for something a little less traditional and a little more industrial, then look no further than the gritty, urban landscape of Red Hook.

Picture … 

  • Big, brick warehouses 
  • Cobblestone streets
  • Funky street art; and 
  • Hole-in-the-wall restaurants 

… all giving Red Hook an edginess that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Don’t miss out on the piers that offer one of the most stunning views of NYC’s skyline and Lady Liberty, herself.

#6: Fort Tryon Park

Views of the Hudson River, medieval-inspired architecture, and sprawling gardens are just a few of the characteristics that make Fort Tryon Park a beautiful location for wedding pictures in NYC. 

Castle-like buildings, arches, and gothic stone steps are surrounded by mature trees and impeccably maintained gardens, making it the perfect setting for spring and fall weddings when the blossoms and changing leaves are in full effect.

The park is also known for its various gardens where outdoor wedding ceremonies are permitted, making it an excellent one-stop location for many couples.

#7: Prospect Park

A stunning, natural setting, Prospect Park is the flagship park of Brooklyn and continues to be a favorite location for wedding photoshoots.

The charming Prospect Park Boathouse was one of the first buildings to be declared a historic building in NYC. It’s a prime wedding venue location and makes a beautiful backdrop for photos in the park.

Rolling meadows, ponds, and waterfalls provide a gorgeous setting, while the Carousel adds a playful touch to any photoshoot.

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#8: Port Imperial Promenade

The scenic Port Imperial Promenade offers NYC skylines, the Hudson River, and is just a short ferry ride from NYC.

Stroll the two miles along Jersey’s Gold Coast to Weehawken Waterfront Park, stopping along the way to capture modern backgrounds in what was once envisioned as “Venice on the Hudson.”

#9: Top of the Rock

Perched at the very top of Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan, Top of the Rock is a popular destination for wedding photos — and it’s no wonder why.

The observation deck on the Top of the Rock soars 850 feet above street level and boasts one of the best views of NYC, including:

  • NYC’s epic cityscape
  • Central Park
  • East River; and
  • The Hudson River

The VIP ticket package works best for wedding parties, as it eliminates long lineups and includes private elevators to the top.

#10: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Queens Botanical Gardens is an oasis in the city. Inside the gardens, you’ll find several options for wedding ceremonies and receptions, but you don’t have to book either to have your wedding photos taken here.

The gardens are home to acres of formal garden areas that include the:

  • Discovery Garden
  • Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden
  • Fragrance Garden
  • Osborne Garden
  • Cherry Esplanade
  • Rock Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • And more

For any couple looking for a classically romantic backdrop for their wedding photos, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a sure win.

#11: The Streets of New York

Still looking for the best place to take wedding pictures in NYC? Well then, look no further than the city itself.

New York is an expressive city with a personality like no other. And no one knows better than New Yorkers that the city has an allure that calls people from all walks of life.

New York can be colorful and gray all at the same time, which presents a uniqueness all its own.

And the result? The perfect setting for your wedding photos.

From graffiti walls to brownstone stoops, yellow taxis to bustling pedestrian life, New York is alive with photoshoot opportunities. 

Julian Ribinik has experience photographing weddings in every imaginable location throughout New York City, and whether it’s …

  • Tribeca
  • SoHo
  • Chinatown
  • Greenwich Village
  • Harlem
  • Chelsea Market; or
  • The cinematic streets of West Village 

… we love the combination of grit and elegance NYC has to offer. 

Julian specializes in capturing genuine and clear photos in the many low-light wedding venues and photoshoot locations across the city.

If you’re looking for that, give us a call at Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photo Venue in NYC

Before you hop in a taxi and scout all of these potential photo venues out, there are a few things to keep in mind.

#1: Time of Day

Consider the timing of your wedding ceremony. Do you want pictures taken before or after the ceremony? Will it be during the hottest part of a July afternoon, or in the late afternoon when winter’s sun is setting over the city?

Time of day affects lighting, accessibility, and how busy the location may be. Speak to your photographer before making a decision. 

A late evening shoot for sunset might be exactly what you want, but it might not fit well into the itinerary of the day.

#2: Weather

Regardless of the season, bad weather can strike at any time. Having a contingency plan is always a good idea.

Also, consider your clothing and footwear. 

Let’s say you’re getting married during the winter months and want pictures in a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park. Lovely, right? Now imagine that winter wonderland in open-toed shoes and a dress with a plunging back — that’s a whole different story.

Weather can easily put a damper — pun intended — on your wedding photography plans. 

So, when scouting the best places to take wedding pictures in NYC, keep in mind that Mother Nature may have her own plan.

#3: Traffic

Ah, New York City … with all the sounds of a busy city that never seem to quiet down, it’s no wonder Frank Sinatra called it, “the city that never sleeps.” 

Unfortunately, this means that traffic can be a nightmare.

Your photographer can work with you to allow for travel time to and from your venue to your photo shoot location. 

If you have multiple locations, you may even want to consider the subway (which also makes for some quintessential NYC vibe photos) to ensure you get between locations without a hitch — this pun not intended.

#4: Permits

Whether your photo shoot location is public or private, you may need permits to be there for the purpose of photography.

Your photographer should be able to fill you in on permit requirements for each location, but it’s always a good idea to do your due diligence. 

Many permit locations are strictly enforced, and the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be scrambling for a new location.

Julian Ribinik Photography: We’ll Capture the Beauty and Uniqueness of Your NYC Wedding

If you’re looking for a creative wedding photographer in NYC, then give us a call at Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography.

We use concepts from all disciplines of photography to give our clients wedding photos that capture the essence of NYC and the unique style and personality of the couple.

We’re neither stuffy and too posed nor entirely candid. Our goal with each wedding photo shoot is to create beautiful and extraordinary photos, tailored to your likes and wants.

No two couples are alike, and no two weddings we photograph will ever be alike either.

For more information, contact Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography.

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