Small Wedding Venues: NYC Hot Spots for Intimate Gatherings

You’ve noticed that small NYC wedding venues are becoming the new trend, and you kind of like the idea of an intimate wedding in a unique venue. 

But you have some questions. What are the best small wedding venues NYC has to offer? Why should you opt for a small venue? 

This guide will tell you all about the top ten small venues in NYC. 

Keep reading to find out which venue is best for you and why you should consider a small wedding venue in NYC for your upcoming nuptials. 

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Where Can I Have an Intimate Wedding in NYC?

NYC is famous for its small, intimate wedding venues. You can find great venues in almost any area of the five boroughs. From … 

  • Cocktail bars
  • Wineries
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Rooftops; and 
  • Gardens

… there are small venues in NYC for anyone looking for an intimate wedding.

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Our Top 10 Recommendations for Small Wedding Venues in NYC

With so many options available, choosing a small wedding venue in NYC can be tough. Here is a great shortlist to get you started.

#1: One if By Land, Two if By Sea

With three different room options, One if by Land, Two if by Sea is well-known as one of the more upscale venues in NYC. It is even said that this restaurant has seen more engagement announcements than any other in Manhattan. 

If you are looking for a classy, romantic venue, this is a great option. 

  • Price: One if by Land, Two if by Sea does not offer pricing on their website, but you can contact them with your needs, and their staff will happily offer you a quote.
  • Size: With three different rooms (The Constitution Room, Main Dining Room, and The Mezzanine), this venue has ample space. If you rent the whole venue and have it closed to the public, it will accommodate 130 guests for a seated dinner and around 200 for a cocktail party. 
  • Uses: With a sound system supported in all rooms and a relatively large amount of space, One if by Land, Two if by Sea can accommodate many aspects of your special day, from ceremony to reception. 
  • Food and drink offerings: The standard banquet package includes food and drinks for you and your guests. Their menu offers a wide array of classic foods and seafood options. With specialty cocktails and a selection of reds and whites, your menu needs are sure to be met. 

#2: Harding’s

If you’re looking for a classically stunning venue that places you and your fiance at the center of all they do, Harding’s is the perfect spot for your reception or ceremony. 

This historic building, located in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan, boasts 25-foot ceilings and rustic furnishings, including an oversized, century-old American flag. 

  • Price: Harding’s minimum spend fluctuates depending on the time of year and the day. Direct prices are not advertised, but some sources suggest the minimum spend can vary from around $10,000 all the way to $18,000.
  • Size: This venue will hold about 100 seated guests or 150 standing guests. 
  • Uses: Harding’s lends itself to both ceremonies and receptions.  
  • Food and drink offerings: One of Harding’s main selling points is its menu flexibility. They offer incredible food options but are also willing to work with the couple to create a customized menu. American beers and wines are available in abundance, and bespoke mixes can be created in honor of the bride and groom.

#3: Bryant Park Grill

Bryant Park Grill is a beautiful venue located just behind the New York Public Library near Bryant Park. Mouthwatering food and beverage offerings coupled with stunning views make this venue a popular choice for couples wanting to create a classic and beautiful wedding. 

Because of their ability to work with local Kosher caterers, Bryant Park Grill is an excellent choice for Jewish couples looking to honor their values and traditions during their wedding. They will even provide glass for breaking and Challah Bread for the blessing. 

  • Price: Direct pricing is not available off of this venue’s website, but they do offer a private events guide with more pricing information. 
  • Size: Bryant Park Grill is a great option for couples looking to have closer to 200 guests present. They have three different areas for couples to choose from — Rooftop Terrace, Grill Dining Room, and The South Garden. The South Garden accommodates the largest number of guests, ranging between 200-220 depending on events and activities.  
  • Uses: This versatile venue can be used for all aspects of your day, from ceremony to cocktail hour, to dinner to dancing. Additionally, Bryant Park Grill wedding reservations include a Bridal Suite reservation made by the venue on your behalf at Bryant Park Hotel, right across the street. 
  • Food and drink offerings: From drinks only to full meals and everything in between, Bryant Park Grill has incredible menu options. Check their private events guide to see sample menus. 

#4: MyMoon

MyMoon is located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. As both a restaurant and a specialized wedding venue, this is a great option for couples who want to take a more stress-free, hands-off approach. Beauty, elegance, and classic old-time NYC style come together to create a unique only-in-New-York-City wedding venue. 

  • Price: MyMoon does not have pricing options available on their website, but their wedding team is happy to talk with you and give you a quote. 
  • Size: If you’re looking for a cocktail-style reception or event, you can have up to 250 guests. A seated dinner will accommodate up to 166 guests. The Outdoor Ceremony Deck comfortably seats up to 160 guests. 
  • Uses: MyMoon is an excellent option if you want to keep everything in one place. The ceremony, reception, and afterparties can all take place in this renovated 19th-century venue. 
  • Food and drink offerings: MyMoon is a full-service Spanish restaurant that offers incredible food and beverages.

#5: Ward III

Ward III prides itself on being “The Booze World.” From bespoke cocktails to classic offerings, Ward III has some incredible beverage options. 

A popular venue for same-sex weddings, Ward III is known for its inclusivity and welcoming ambiance. 

This venue lends itself to stunning photos and a perfect atmosphere for both classic weddings and unique receptions. 

  • Price: Ward III does not offer pricing guides directly on its website. The best way to find out what their wedding and reception packages include and their cost is to reach out to them directly. 
  • Size: There is no exact size offered on Ward III’s website. Again, contacting the venue is your best option. 
  • Uses: This venue makes a great reception space and also lends itself well to ceremonies. 
  • Food and drink offerings: Ward III’s proudest point is its beverage offerings. From classic sips to personalized cocktails, this venue is sure to get your and your guest’s heads spinning in the best way. They also offer some food options. 

#6: Bobby Van’s Steakhouse

For couples wanting a classy steakhouse experience that still has all the rustic flair of NYC, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse is an excellent choice. With incredible menu options and a classic atmosphere, this venue is sure to excite. 

  • Price: The restaurant website doesn’t offer much information when it comes to weddings and receptions. You will want to contact the venue directly to find out the typical pricing. 
  • Size: There is little information available about the size of this venue. 
  • Uses: Bobby Van’s typically hosts receptions rather than the actual ceremony. 
  • Food and drink offerings: As one of NYC’s premier steakhouses, you can expect excellent food at Bobby Van’s. Whether you’re looking for lobster, steak, or something else in between, Bobby Van’s is sure to offer the meal you and your guests are craving. 
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#7: ROBERT at The Museum of Arts & Design

If you dream of saying “I do” with a perfect view of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline as your backdrop, ROBERT is for you. 

ROBERT is located at the Museum of Arts & Design and is situated high above the tree line, offering you a unique view of the city sprawled out below. 

  • Price: Pricing for ROBERT includes just about everything you could need for your day. For exact pricing, check directly with the venue. 
  • Size: With accommodation options for anywhere from 70 to 250 guests, ROBERT is an excellent choice for wedding celebrations of all sizes.
  • Uses: ROBERT has the ability to accommodate just about every aspect of your wedding day. From spaces perfect for your dream ceremony to reception spaces with plenty of room for dancing, ROBERT is a multi-functional venue for couples who want to keep things easy.
  • Food and drink offerings: ROBERT offers a stunning menu of gourmet food options. Of course, there are incredible beverage selections as well. You also have the option of opting for an open bar. 

#8: Merchant’s House

For the couple that wants to keep their wedding limited to just a handful of friends and family, Merchant’s House is an excellent option. With a beautiful outdoor ceremony area and stunning, old-style interior spaces, this venue is ideal for an intimate, classic wedding and reception. 

It is important to note that this venue really is only a venue. You won’t have options for food or beverages at this venue, and Merchant’s House only provides one table for your caterer to serve. This is not ideal if you are hoping for a full meal.  

  • Price: Pricing is based on a two-hour time slot with additional time available for a fee.
    • Up to 15 people — $1,950, including the couple, guests, officiant, and other vendors (e.g., photographer, musicians)
    • 16-20 people — $2,700
    • 21-25 people — $3,500
    • 26-30 people (max.) — At the venue’s discretion
  • Size: This is a very small venue, maxing out at 30 people, in total. 
  • Uses: This space is ideal for ceremonies and toasts. A small, light reception could also work in this space. 
  • Food and drink offerings: There are no provided food or beverage options. 

#9: Ink 48 Hotel

Ink 48 Hotel is another fantastic choice for couples looking to get married high above the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The Heaven Over Hell suite offers awe-inspiring views of the city and gives couples a classy, chic place to begin their forever. 

Plus, along with a venue, you get a dedicated event manager to help ensure there is only one hitch in the day. Not only that, but you also get a complimentary future 2-night stay for the happy couple. 

  • Price: Room rental begins at just $4,500. You should reach out directly to the venue for more information regarding your unique needs. 
  • Size: Ink 48 Hotel’s Heaven Over Hell suite accommodates up to 75 guests for a ceremony or 100 guests for a reception. 
  • Uses: This space is an excellent choice for either ceremony or reception. 
  • Food and drink offerings: The venue website doesn’t offer any direct information about food or beverage offerings. You should connect directly with the venue to discuss your needs and how they can accommodate them. 

#10: City Vineyard at Pier 26

If you’re looking for a luscious winery wedding, look no further than City Vineyard at Pier 26. From rooftop spaces to river views, this venue is sure to exceed your dreams. 

This venue can accommodate larger guest lists and offers serene beauty with incredible outdoor areas. 

  • Price: Wedding packages start at $210/person and go up to $260/person — plus any add-ons. They offer a package for rehearsal dinners/brunches/showers starting at $125/person. 
  • Size: This venue offers multiple options from renting single rooms to the whole vineyard. The maximum occupancy is 200 seated/550 reception. 
  • Uses: From a perfect ceremony to a lovely reception, City Vineyard can do it all. 
  • Food and drink offerings: City Vineyard offers both food and drink options to delight everyone present. 

Why More People Are Choosing Small Wedding Venues in NYC

When it comes to small wedding venues, NYC has plenty to offer, and more couples are opting for smaller weddings — also known as micro weddings

For many people, the idea of a massive wedding in a cold, austere church simply doesn’t cut it. 

Small, intimate wedding venues offer a more elegant and relaxing atmosphere for couples who either don’t have a large guest list or simply want to keep things easy. 

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They’re More Intimate

Small wedding venues give a more intimate feel. The pressure eases, and everyone is able to relax and enjoy themselves a little more. 

Especially for couples who want to make sure each moment is meaningful, small venues offer a unique level of closeness. 

The Couple Only Has a Small Friend Group

If the couple has a small circle or wants to limit the guest list to family-only, a small wedding venue in NYC can be a great option. A small group in a large venue can easily feel lonely and too small. 

But, bring that same group into a smaller, classier space, and it automatically feels more comfortable and natural. 

Besides, spending the time and money to decorate a large venue when you don’t need the space doesn’t always make a lot of sense. 

They Can Be Budget-Friendly

Smaller venues often come with smaller bills. If you are not looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars, a small venue might be just what you need. 

The Location Is Meaningful to the Couple

Finding a small venue with big memories can be a great way to add nostalgia and sentiment to your day. 

Small, meaningful venues could include:

  • The club where the bride and groom first met
  • The restaurant where they shared their first Valentine’s Day
  • A bar they frequented throughout their relationship

How Much Do Small Wedding Venues in NYC Cost?

Every venue has a different cost and offers different services for varying fees. 

Some venues charge hourly and rates that often range from $160 to $350 per hour

Many venues in NYC operate on a minimum spend basis, and those start around $650 and range all the way to $7,500

Another option is a venue that charges per person. You should expect to pay at least $45, if not more, per person

Photographing in Small Wedding Venues: NYC Photographer Julian Ribinik Is a Seasoned Pro

Small NYC wedding venues offer a unique opportunity when it comes to wedding photography. 

Because the venues are often naturally dark and small, lighting can be tricky, and many photographers may struggle to capture high-quality moments since they cannot bring in artificial lighting. 

At Julian Ribinik Photography, we specialize in capturing the unique beauty of a small NYC wedding. We do more than “make it work” when it comes to dim lighting. We use the lighting and work with it to create one-of-a-kind photos that preserve the intrinsic class of the venue. 

If you want wedding photos that truly capture the heart of your venue, Julian Ribinik Photography is here to make your creative wedding photo dreams come true. 

Contact us today to find out how we can immortalize your perfect wedding. 

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