How To Display Wedding Photos: 9 Traditional and Modern Ideas for Displaying Your Wedding Photography at Home

You plan and primp for your wedding day. But before you know it, you’ve said “I do” — and all that’s left is 100s of photographs of your big day. 

Deciding how to display the priceless photo memories of your wedding is a huge decision. 

Do you want to go all minimalist and display just a few of your favorite prints, or does a gallery wall covered in wedding photos sound like more your style?

While we certainly can’t decide for you, we can give ideas. 

Keep reading to learn a few modern and traditional options for how to tastefully display wedding photos on a wall, plus other ideas for showcasing your pictures in a way you are sure to love.

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How To Display Wedding Photos in Your Home

In the past, it was common to have actual prints for photos. 

But times have changed, and these days, brides get very creative in how they display their wedding photos. 

Typically, photographers deliver wedding photos in an online digital photo gallery. Couples can then peruse, download, and print the photos in whatever format they would like.

Common ideas for how to tastefully display wedding photos include things such as:

  • Large prints
  • Photo puzzles
  • Photo books and albums
  • Photo collages
  • Photo calendars
  • Wall galleries
  • Photo cards
  • Digital photo displays
  • Wallet prints 
  • Etc. 

Traditional vs. Modern Ways To Display Wedding Photos

Your parents and grandparents most likely had a couple of framed prints from their ceremony, along with a huge wedding album filled with all their wedding memories (that may have had a permanent home front and center on their coffee table).

The modern way to display your photos, however, is more of an “anything goes” style. 

Couples can opt for a few or multiple photos of all sizes and may even include unconventional things like:

  • Photo mugs
  • Photo afghans or blankets; or
  • Hanging their photos without frames

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9 Ideas To Display Wedding Photos at Home

#1: Mount Large-Sized Prints

If you’re looking for a fun idea for hanging wedding photos in your home that are irregular or super-sized, consider one or more large poster prints. 

These look great displayed alone or in groups of three, and they can often be a more cost-effective option for couples who want large prints.

#2: Wedding Photo Puzzle

What could be more fun than a newlywed puzzle night? Your date’s complete with your favorite snacks, a bottle of wine, and a puzzle of a special wedding memory. 

Once it’s complete, you can even frame your puzzle and hang it in your home for a unique memento of your special day. 

#3: Polaroids in a Frame

Polaroid photos are a fun, casual option that looks both simple and unique. 

You can frame your Polaroids in arrangements or display them with twine and mini-clothespins — so you can easily trade out pictures whenever the mood strikes. 

#4: Photo Calendar

Remember your wedding every day of the year with a wedding photo calendar. 

A new photo each month will remind you of a precious memory from your wedding day, and the photos are a fun way to reminisce together all year round. 

And as a bonus, seeing your photo calendar each day will remind you to schedule those regular weekly or monthly date nights!

#5: Photo Collage

Do you have multiple wedding photos you love but don’t want to overload your walls with prints? Consider a printed photo collage. 

This option allows you to select as many photos as you’d like — a couple of portraits combined with a few detail shots look great — and arrange them into one large photo print. 

Besides being a sophisticated way to display your wedding photos, it’s also a highly economic option since you only have to print and frame one photo. 

how to display wedding photos on wall

#6: Frame Your Vows

Keep your wedding vows front and center by displaying your favorite photo from your special day with your vows tastefully written around the edges. 

This can work well with a single photo or a photo collage.

Framing your wedding photos is the best way to keep them in mint condition. The glass gives them an extra layer of protection from damage and dust. You can even purchase special glass that helps protect them against fading and moisture, so your images will last through the generations.

If you choose to create a gallery wall, the display options are virtually endless and may include:

  • A wall of six or nine identical frames. (As you’re deciding how many pictures to include, keep in mind that gallery walls generally look best in groupings of multiples of threes.)
  • A wall of mismatched frames of different sizes and/or colors.
  • A focal-point photo with smaller photographs around the perimeter.
  • A grid display with photos mounted in a traditional grid pattern. 
  • A linear display with all photos in a horizontal or vertical line.
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#8: Layout an Album or Photo Book

If you’re looking for a way to display a large number of your wedding photos, consider a wedding album or photo book. 

These classic options allow you to:

  • Safely store your photos
  • Create a custom-designed keepsake 
  • Keep numerous photos all in one place
  • Display your photos in chronological order to tell the full story of your day from start to finish
  • Include engagement and honeymoon photos
  • Create an heirloom that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren
  • Have your wedding photographs on hand in a format that can easily be shared with guests

#9: Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are another option for displaying your wedding photos.

Your pictures will be printed on a canvas and stretched onto a frame to look like a professional painting. 

Canvas prints are extremely versatile and can be done in …

  • Color
  • Black and white; and
  • Sepia

… and are available in a variety of sizes.

How to Tastefully Display Wedding Photos on Instagram

Instagram is a fun and easy way to share your wedding photographs with your friends and family. But there’s a little more to it than just posting pictures. 

Here are five great tips for how to display wedding photos on Instagram in a way that’s classy and tasteful:

  1. Choose photos that evoke strong emotion.
  2. Don’t use filters.
  3. Highlight special details, such as the bride’s bouquet or “something blue.”
  4. Use your wedding hashtag.
  5. Post photos in Instagram stories.
how to tastefully display wedding photos

FAQs About Hanging Wedding Photos in Your Home

What Do You Do With Pictures After Your Wedding?

After the wedding, there are many ways to enjoy your wedding photos, including:

  • Framing them and displaying them in your home
  • Gifting prints to close friends and family
  • Sending them in thank you cards
  • Using them to create a holiday photo card
  • Creating a video montage

How Many Wedding Photos Should You Display?

It will depend on the couple and their family. Some may want only a single photograph of the ceremony — while others choose to display multiple photos

The good news is that couples can choose and print as many or as few photos as they want at any time. 

Where Can You Print Wedding Pictures?

There are many options for printing your wedding pictures — but not all of them will provide the same quality of a finished product.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line options for printing wedding photos, look no further than Julian Ribinik Photography. We work with high-end printing labs that the general public don’t always have access to.

There are some things in life where it pays to have professional quality — your wedding prints are one of them!

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Your wedding day is one of the most special times of your life — and you want photographs that perfectly capture each and every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

At Julian Ribinik Photography, we specialize in timeless yet out-of-the-ordinary photography that will help you relive the emotions of your wedding day each time you glance at your photos. 

Our clients receive a USB drive containing all their wedding images, plus access to their online gallery. They can then simply download the photos and print them as desired or share the link for friends and family to view. 

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