The Importance of Building a Connection with Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the photographs taken on that day will be cherished for years to come. Building a connection with your wedding photographer is essential for capturing the most genuine and authentic moments of your special day. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of […]

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Why Hiring a Wedding Photographer Based Solely on Portraiture Skills is Not Enough: The Importance of Capturing Candid Moments, Emotions, and Adapting to Different Lighting Conditions

Hiring a wedding photographer is a significant decision and can have a significant impact on your wedding day memories. When it comes to selecting a photographer, it’s important to consider various factors, such as their experience, reputation, and style. While portrait photography is undoubtedly essential to many brides and grooms, it is not the only […]

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pre wedding photoshootnyc

The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – NYC: How to Experience the Photo Session of Your Dreams

You’ve dreamed of a perfect, foot-popping kiss, caught on camera, in the middle of Times Square for what feels like a decade. But, since you aren’t getting married in New York City, you fear you might have to kiss this dream goodbye.  The idea of missing your dream photos around NYC leaves a lump in […]

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Jewish Wedding Photographers: What to Consider When Looking for Someone to Capture Your Jewish Ceremony and Reception

Are you planning your wedding day and wondering if you need a photographer with experience in shooting Jewish weddings? Yes, you do.  The Jewish wedding day is filled with so many unique and memorable moments, and it’s essential to have a photographer you can trust — a photographer who knows how to capture key moments.  […]

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Do Satin Dresses Photograph Well? Here’s What You Need to Know

Your wedding dress is one of the most special and important clothing items you’ll ever buy, so you want it to be perfect. You have your eye on a beautiful satin dress, but you’ve heard that it may affect your wedding photos. So do satin dresses photograph well? The answer is that it depends.  If […]

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5 Wedding Day Tips For Camera-Shy Brides

Your wedding day is on the horizon, and while it’s totally normal to stress about the details, there’s one in particular causing you the most anxiety. You’re camera shy. You keep wondering how to look natural in your wedding photos – the only tangible memories that will remain of this special day. You’re also nervous […]

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