The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – NYC: How to Experience the Photo Session of Your Dreams

You’ve dreamed of a perfect, foot-popping kiss, caught on camera, in the middle of Times Square for what feels like a decade. But, since you aren’t getting married in New York City, you fear you might have to kiss this dream goodbye. 

The idea of missing your dream photos around NYC leaves a lump in your throat and what feels like a brick on your chest. Is there still a way to get your perfect photos at all your desired locations?

Don’t despair. Getting married in a different city is not a good enough reason to miss your dream wedding photos. With a pre-wedding photoshoot, NYC can still be the home of your perfect fairytale photos. 

Keep reading to find out what to expect, how to prep, and where to go for your NYC pre-wedding photoshoot. 

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What Is a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in NYC?

A pre-wedding shoot, often called an engagement photoshoot, is a portrait session for you and your future spouse. For some clients, this fills a certain purpose such as a long-time dream of having an NYC photoshoot. For others, the goal is simply to have wedding-related photos in NYC. 

Pre-wedding photoshoots in NYC include photos that  cannot be replicated. The lights of Times Square, the city skyline — an NYC shoot has a special flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. 

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How Is a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in NYC Different Than an Engagement Photoshoot?

In many ways, there is little to no difference. Pre-wedding shoots and engagement shoots both happen before the wedding and often include the same types of stying and poses. 

Usually, engagement photos are used for:

  • Save the date announcements
  • Wedding websites
  • Reception decor 

The main difference is that couples sometimes use pre-wedding shoots as a chance to get photos in wedding attire that is different from what they will actually wear on the big day such as cultural attire or meaningful costumes. 

What Is Included in Pre-Wedding Shoots?

Your pre-wedding shoot is likely to include most or all of the following:

  • Getting ready photos
  • Multiple locations
  • Itinerary preparation 
  • Professional guidance on posing 
  • Tips and tricks to help you look — and feel — your best

What to Wear for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in NYC

The great thing about pre-wedding photoshoots is how flexible they are. If you are going for more traditional engagement photos, you can dress casually. For instance:

  • Jeans and a fashionable top
  • A summer dress with a great sweater
  • Wedge sandals
  • Matching Converse or Vans
  • Nice loafers

If you are going for a more formal approach — or want to go full-bridal — you can always wear wedding attire with full hair and makeup. 

Whatever you do, wear what makes you feel confident. If you put on the outfit and immediately feel like the star of the show, that’s a good sign. 

Are Pre-Wedding Photos Necessary?

No, a pre-wedding photo shoot is not necessary. But that doesn’t mean you want to rule it out. 

Whether you have an engagement shoot or a fully-styled bridal session, a pre-wedding photo shoot can offer beautiful, lasting memories that you and your spouse will treasure for years to come.

Why Might a Couple Want to Have a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in NYC?

Many couples find that, although they do not want to host their wedding in the Big Apple, they do want NYC to be part of their story through photos

Especially if the couple is from another culture and plans on having a traditional wedding in their home country, a pre-wedding photoshoot in NYC can help bridge the gap between their lives in the US and their cultural roots. 

Maybe one or both parties lived in NYC for a period of time and always dreamed of having photos at some of the most iconic locations. 

Or, the couple may love the scenes they have seen in their favorite movies and TV shows set in New York City and want to recreate their own moments. Whatever the motivation, a pre-wedding photoshoot in NCY is a great way to make memories that will last for your whole happily ever after. 

What to Expect During Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: NYC Explored With Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography

Different photographers have different approaches to pre-wedding photoshoots. 

Typically speaking, they are treated the same as engagement shoots and last around four to six hours. Usually, two photographers are capturing each moment. 

Help in Choosing Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot NYC Locations

Was your first date at Radio City Music Hall? Maybe sparks first flew as you kissed on the bridge in Central Park? Perhaps you had the most romantic meet-cute in the romance novel section of the Public Library?

Or, maybe you’ve barely ever been to NYC, and you have no clue where to take photos. 

Either way, we will help you choose the best NYC spots for your pre-wedding photos

We will help you immortalize these moments during your pre-wedding photoshoot. NYC has so many beautiful sites and adding a few of them to your fairytale is a great way to make wedding season even more special. 

Don’t hesitate to communicate your desires. Your photographer is here to capture the magic you create, wherever it may be. 

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Popular Pre-Wedding Photoshoot NYC Locations

There are many great photoshoot locations in NYC. You might want to consider:

A Thorough Itinerary for the Day

Mapping out your day may feel intimidating, but when you choose Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography we can help you through every aspect of the day, including planning locations and transportation.

Once the shoot sites are settled, we will help create an itinerary that allows you to hit all your dream locations. 

We can even begin the shoot at the hotel while you get ready, ensuring you get all the traditional “pre-wedding” photos. 

One of the perks of working with a local NYC photographer is their city knowledge. Foodies may find that as an added bonus we can help you find the best restaurants and lesser-known NYC food stops so that you have the fuel you need to be fabulous all day.

An Unforgettable Day Spent Together With Us as We Create Beautiful Photos in Many Iconic NYC Locations

With Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography, your day is guaranteed to be special.

When it comes to NYC, you cannot simply spend five minutes at each location, snapping shots and hoping something comes out. We are intentional and we take the time needed to do things well. We give you plenty of time to experience the areas we visit and get the best shots. 

We generally spend around 30 minutes at each location, depending on how many are on the list and what your priorities are. 

Let Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography Help Make Your Engagement or Pre-Wedding NYC Photoshoot Dreams a Reality

If you are looking for a great pre-wedding photoshoot in NYC, look no further than Julian Ribinik Wedding Photography. 

With years of experience — and an eye for unique and captivating images — we know how to make your wildest NYC photoshoot dreams come true. We specialize in using the dramatic lighting, backdrops, and ambiance of New York City in each photo. 

Rest assured, your results will be unique and beautiful. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring your pre-wedding photoshoot NYC dreams to life. 

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