Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding? Here’s Why We Think It’s Essential

You’re newly engaged and ready to start planning the wedding you’ve been dreaming of for years. 

You need a venue, a florist, a dress, a photographer — the list goes on and on. 

And while you’re researching every possible vendor in your area, your cousin asks if you’ve considered renting a photo booth, too.

You never really thought about it, but should you consider having a photo booth at your wedding? We think so!

Learn why having a photo booth at your wedding is a must and why we recommend renting one through your photographer instead of a DIY booth.

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6 Great Reasons To Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Having a professional photographer at your wedding is worthwhile to ensure you’re getting the very best pictures of your special day. When you’re booking your photographer, consider including a photo booth with your package.

Julian Ribinik Photography offers a photo booth rental experience so you and your guests can have instant access to wedding day photos. 

Contact us today to book our photo booth for your special day. 

#1: It’s a Way To Engage and Include Your Guests

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to ensure authentic photos of your guests. It’s probable that not every guest at your wedding may end up in the frame of your photographer’s lens. 

Maybe your high school friends aren’t a part of your formal pictures, and they hit the dance floor after the photographer had finished for the day. 

You might have some shy, smaller cousins who don’t want to do what the photographer asks.

Or maybe your bridal party took a bunch of formal photos and now wants to let loose away from the photographer.

Incorporating a photo booth is a great way for each guest who wants to be in photos to feel included, even if the photographer doesn’t get a single picture of them.

The photo booth is the perfect place for guests to let loose and entertain themselves. Consider including a photo booth in your cocktail hour area — it’s a great way for guests to pass time while the bride and groom are taking formal photos.

#2: It’s Fun for All Ages

Obviously, wedding photo booths are fun. 

There’s usually a wide variety of props and if there’s not a long line, you can snap away as long as you’d like. 

A photo booth is a great opportunity for guests of all ages to let their hair down and have a good time. From young kids to older grandparents, photo booth pictures provide endless entertainment all night long.

#3: It’s an Outlet for Guests To Express Themselves

Guests might act differently when a photographer is behind the camera. But with a photo booth experience, no one is judging them while they click away. Your guests have full control of the experience and will usually feel more comfortable than they do with a professional wedding photographer in the mix. 

It’s during the photo booth pictures that guests tend to expose their true selves.

#4: It Gives Another Point of View

Even if your photographer is extraordinary or uses a second shooter and can capture almost everything happening during your wedding reception, having a photo booth is still exciting and beneficial.

Having a photo booth at your wedding means you get a whole different perspective than what your photographer can provide. 

Think about it. Your photographer is probably focusing on you and your brand-new spouse during your reception. They are likely hanging around the dance floor, maybe circling the dinner tables a few times or stopping near the bar every once in a while. 

And even though they’re capturing as much as they can, they can’t possibly catch everything

A photo booth lets you see all the fun that takes place behind the scenes.

#5: It Creates One-of-a-Kind Wedding Favors

Coming up with the perfect wedding favor can often be another added stress to wedding planning. You don’t want something cheesy or cheap, or something your guests will bring home and throw away (or maybe not take home at all).

Photo booth pictures are the perfect take-home memento to act as a party favor for your guests, in either digital or print form. And people tend to hang on to (and share) a great photo, especially when they can simply send it to their phone from a touch screen in the booth.

Julian Ribinik Photography offers a photo booth experience to help spice up your wedding reception. Contact us today to book our photo booth for your wedding day.

#6: It Allows Remote Guests To Participate in the Festivities

Are some of your invited guests unable to attend your wedding day? Don’t stress! 

A virtual or digital photo booth option allows remote guests to still feel like they’re celebrating with you.

How does it work?

Through a provided link, guests who are unable to attend your wedding can use custom frames, backgrounds, filters, and stickers to snap photo booth photos and share them as if they were in person at your wedding celebration. 

They can even overlay your wedding hashtag or other graphics that will make them feel included, even if they’re far away.

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Where Should a Photo Booth Be Located at a Wedding?

There isn’t a set place we suggest a photo booth should be located — but we have opinions on where we think it shouldn’t go.

Because the lines at a photo booth tend to become really long (they’re very popular at weddings!) we recommend placing it in an out-of-the-way space. Your venue might have suggestions on where this could be, or maybe they have a designated space for photo booths during events. 

We do recommend avoiding tables and the dance floor, though. You want people to be able to stand in line without standing on top of other guests. 

You might even consider placing the photo booth in another room to make everyone as comfortable as possible. 

Why Is Renting a Photo Booth From Julian Ribinik Photography Better Than a DIY Set-up?

Sure, you could spend time and money piecing together a DIY photo booth set-up for your wedding day. But planning a wedding can be stressful and takes a lot of your time and attention. 

Do you really want to bother with trying to DIY one more thing? 

Julian Ribinik Photography offers photo booth rental for New York City weddings. Our photo booth experience allows for instant viewing of a live gallery or the option to share your pictures, boomerang, or GIF through email and text right away. How’s that for instant gratification?

It’s More Economical

The cost of trying to piece together everything you need for a worthy and functional photo booth can quickly add up. 

At the very least, you need

  • Props
  • A backdrop; and
  • A digital point-and-shoot camera

But to make your photo booth great, you probably also want:

  • A camera stand, so you’re not bothering other guests to take your photo
  • A backdrop stand, so your booth stays up 
  • A spotlight for good lighting
  • And maybe even more

At this point, you’ve probably already spent a few hundred dollars, so why not save the hassle and some money and rent a photo booth through your professional photographer instead?

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We Provide Professional Equipment

A DIY set-up might be ideal if you:

  • Don’t care about the quality of the pictures
  • Don’t mind that your guests won’t have immediate access to their photos
  • Have extra money to pay someone to take photos all night
  • Have wonderful guests who don’t mind taking photos for others
  • Have access to a professional camera, background, and lighting 

When you rent a photo booth through Julian Ribinik Photography, we bring our professional equipment — and it’s all included in your cost. 

This guarantees that:

  • You’ll end up with high-quality, professional photos
  • Your guests won’t be bothered to take pictures of others all night; and
  • You and your guests will have automatic and immediate access to the photos

There Are Fun Options for Photos

When setting up a DIY photo booth, you might have a digital point-and-shoot camera for your guests to use, or maybe you leave an iPad nearby for them to snap their photos on. At the very least, guests can use their cameras or phones to grab photo booth photos.

Not only will those photos be low-quality, but they’re likely boring, still shots.

Our photo booth allows for fun, interactive photo options like …

  • Boomerangs
  • Videos; and
  • GIFs

… that you’ll have access to right away.

Guests Have Immediate Access to Their Pictures

With the option to immediately send your photos through email, texts, or by scanning a QR code, your guests can have immediate access to their pictures. 

Even remote guests have access to the photo gallery as soon as they want it.

It’s Self-Serve

Let’s face it, guests don’t want to be bothered to take pictures for other guests all night long. 

They’re there to enjoy the wedding in the way they want to, and that probably doesn’t include volunteering at the photo booth.

With our photo booth rental, guests can choose their own experience and don’t have to wait for someone to help them. There’s no need for an extra person to man the booth or a volunteer to take pictures. Just grab your props, step into the frame, and snap away.

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Want To Spice Up Your Wedding? Book Julian Ribinik Photography’s NYC Photo Booth Today

If you’re considering having a photo booth at your NYC wedding, don’t think about it for another second. A photo booth is a must for any wedding!

But don’t attempt to DIY a photo booth that will become costly and provide only mediocre photos. Instead, rent one through your professional wedding photographer.

At Julian Ribinik Photography, we offer photo booth rental for all NYC area weddings. 

Our photo booths are top-of-the-line, requiring no extra work from wedding guests. We provide all the professional equipment you need to allow for a fun and interactive experience — and you have immediate access to the pictures for sharing and viewing.

Contact us today to talk about how you can use our photo booth services on your big day.

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