The Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before Booking Them

The wedding photos you take on your big day are among the only keepsakes you will have from your wedding. 

They will be a visual reminder you and your partner will have for the rest of your lives. 

You want to make sure you and your partner are both happy and in love with them. 

Are you: 

  • Having a hard time selecting a wedding photographer?
  • Overwhelmed and are not sure what questions to ask of them?
  • Unsure of where to begin? 

 Have no fear, we are here to help you!

In this article, you will learn: 

  • Questions to ask a wedding photographer before hiring
  • Questions you should not ask a wedding photographer; and
  • Tips for forming your questions.

Keep reading to learn how to find the wedding photographer of your dreams.

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer: Questions to Ask in 6 Easy Categories

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many details to plan, and most everyone would agree, your wedding photographer is one of the most important. 

When selecting a wedding photographer, you need to: 

  • Research and narrow your options down to a few wedding photographers you love
  • After making your list, you will interview the photographers; and
  • After interviews, you will determine which wedding photographer is right for you 

It is crucial to interview your photographer before making a final decision; however, this can be overwhelming. 

During the interview, initial questions should include several different topics, including:

  • Basic wedding logistics
  • Photographer’s style; and
  • What is included in their packages

What are the key questions to ask your photographer for a wedding? Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions. 

#1: Availability Questions

“Are you available on my date?” 

This is the very first question you should ask during your interview. 

Remember the saying, “Do not put all your eggs into one basket?” You do not want to pick a wedding photographer and then be disappointed when they are not available for your wedding day.  

Do not fall in love with a photographer and their portfolio before asking this crucial question.

#2: Experience and Background Questions

“How long have you been photographing weddings?” 

“How many weddings do you photograph per year?”

When you work with an experienced photographer, you will enjoy the assurance that your photos will be preserved correctly. Also, you can feel confident that there will be no “learning curves” for them. 

Choosing a wedding photographer with less experience is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but should be considered when making your decision. 

Some factors that may make you feel more comfortable with a less experienced photographer include: 

  • They are within your budget, 
  • They have previously worked with your venue, 
  • You really like their portfolio; or
  • They are a referral from a friend or family member

Only you can decide how much experience you would prefer from your wedding photographer, but please be sure to ask the above questions.

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#3: Style Questions

“What is your style of photography?”

“When it comes to shooting weddings, what style do you enjoy most?”

Although the style of wedding photographs you want is a personal choice, you should make sure that your wedding photographer shares the same style as you do. If you like classic-style wedding photographs, you will not be happy with an editorial style.  

Regardless of whether a wedding photographer is considered the best in the business, if their artistic style does not match what you want for your wedding, they might not be the best choice for you. 

Also, be sure to visit the wedding photographer’s website and any social media accounts to find out more about their artistic tastes.

#4: Pricing and Packages Questions

Every wedding photographer sets their rates and offers different photography packages. These packages generally contain additional photographs and any extras, such as albums or canvases.  

When considering photography packages, questions to ask include: 

  • How many wedding photographs will I receive?
  • What type of wedding photographs will I receive?
  • Will the photographs be digital or print?
  • Will I receive any frames or canvases?
  • Do we order directly from you?
  • Can you add or subtract parts of your photography packages to work with my budget?
  • Do your photography packages state how many hours you will work? 

Please be aware, any reputable photographer will be transparent and upfront about the cost of their services. 

#5: Logistics Questions

Although “logistics” may sound formal for a wedding, there are so many details to handle before and during the big day. 

Answers to the following questions will ease your mind before your wedding day approaches: 

  • How do you get to know a couple before the wedding?
  • Will you need to travel for our wedding?
  • If so, are travel fees included in your contract?
  • Can you describe the type of equipment you use? 
  • What backup equipment do you have? 
  • Does liability insurance cover you?
  • When are you planning to arrive?
  • Do we select our poses, or do you?
  • Is it okay if someone else takes photos while you are taking photos?
  • Will you be the photographer at my wedding?
  • If so, will anyone be with you? 
  • What if something unexpected happens and you cannot attend? What will you do?
  • On the same day, will you be photographing any other events? 
  • Do you plan to dress in a particular way?
  • Have you ever taken photos at my location? If not, could you check it out beforehand?
  • Would you stay if my events lasted longer than expected? 
  • If so, how much does it cost? 
  • When will we see the proofs?

In addition to these, you may think of others, but please be sure to ask all logistical questions before signing a contract. 

What Questions Should a Wedding Photographer Ask?

During the interview, should a wedding photographer do any questioning? Absolutely!

A seasoned pro will have some questions. 

A few questions a wedding photographer might ask:

  • What is your budget for a wedding photographer?
  • How many photos do you need?
  • How many guests will be at your wedding?

Are There Any Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Wedding Photographer?

We have covered several questions to ask when choosing a wedding photographer, but there are also some questions you should not ask. 

  • “Where do you want us to stand? –  The photographer will respect your wedding day and will want you to stand wherever you wish. Their aim is to capture all of the precious moments from your big day.
  • “Can we have the RAW files for every image taken at our wedding?” – These will be the unedited photographs from your wedding and photographers tend to not give them to their clients. 

Also, please research in advance. Check out the wedding photographer’s website; many questions will be answered there. Take a look at their social media accounts. You might see your questions answered there too. 

There’s no need to take the time to ask questions you know the answers to; however, it is okay to confirm information you found on their website. An example of this: 

“I read that your premier package costs XYZ. Is this the price we can expect for everything we have discussed?”

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4 Pro Tips Before Interviewing Potential Wedding Photographers

It is important to be prepared before the initial interview with a wedding photographer. 

Along with your list of questions, there are a few things you can do before interviewing your potential wedding photographers. 

#1: Get Referrals From Friends and Family

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and marveled at their wedding photo on the wall? 

Have you noticed the gorgeous wedding photo on a co-worker’s desk?

Did you stop your scroll on social media to gaze at a friend’s beautiful wedding photos?

Asking married family and friends for referrals is a great way to start the research process.

#2: Choose the Style of Photography You Like Best

Do you love traditional-style wedding photographs? No? Then you do not need to book a traditional style wedding photographer to photograph your wedding. 

Are you unsure of the style of wedding photography you like? A few different wedding photography styles are: 

  • Traditional — classic style with posed photos
  • Artistic — emphasis on creative details
  • Natural — using natural light instead of a flash
  • Editorial — fashion based pictures with quality backgrounds
  • Vintage — provokes the feeling of nostalgia
  • Commercial — primary focus is on objects rather than people
  • Fine Art — similar to classic, but light, bright, and airy

Before selecting a wedding photographer, be honest with yourself and decide which style of photography you and your significant other prefer. After all, these will be the visual reminders of your wedding for the rest of your lives. 

#3: Decide on Your Maximum Budget

Photography can be pricey, but it’s often a “you get what you pay for” scenario. 

Before interviewing the wedding photographer, you and your significant other must determine your max budget. If you do not, you will only be wasting your and the photographer’s time. 

If you find a wedding photographer who you love, but their price is out of your budget, it never hurts to ask the photographer if a payment plan is available. 

#4: Visit the Photographer’s Website and Social Media

These days, almost all reputable wedding photographers have a website and a social media presence. 

Before your interview, be sure to check out their website and their social media. You will get a feel for the photographer’s style by doing this. You will also get to see photographs they have taken and possibly even read reviews.

Julian Ribinik: Premier Wedding Photographer in NYC and Surrounding Areas

Julian Ribinik is a New York City wedding photographer specializing in capturing both the magic and mood of the city and the couples who marry here. 

With concepts from many areas of photography, we strive to give our clients wedding photos that perfectly capture not only the uniqueness of New York City but also the essence of the couple. 

You will not find any cookie-cutter photos here!

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