Onegin Restaurant Wedding – Michelle and Serge

Two things we love in life more than anything else: happy events and photography. Thankfully, we’re among the lucky people who can actually call their passion a job – so we come smiling to work every day, knowing we are part of people’s magical stories and that we help them capture these special events in a truly beautiful way.

Michelle and Serge’s Onegin restaurant wedding was just one of those moments: the kind that remains memorized in the heart and in the brain. We’re more than certain the guests felt as we did because this wedding was perfect from all points of view. There’s nothing that wasn’t flawlessly incorporated into the larger picture, on the contrary: everything was packed with so much attention to detail that the entire wedding simply felt torn out of a fairy tale.

What are the elements that impressed us the most at Michelle and Serge’s wedding at the Onegin restaurant?

  • The bride looked stunning in her sweetheart wedding gown. With an A-line ruffled skirt and with a truly magnificent white hair accessory, the bride looked as if she had just walked out of a movie. Urban and traditional at the same time, her look was flawlessly complemented by a silvery wedding belt that made her beautiful hourglass-shaped body look even more beautiful.
  • The groom was very posh as well. Dressed in a simple black suit, he chose to accessorize his entire attire with a really good-looking, tasteful watch. His grooms were dressed similarly, but some of them had the freedom to wear checkered shirts instead of fitted, white shirts.
  • The wedding itself had a totally unique vibe. Because the venue was small and intimate, the wedding felt like a gathering of friends and family – and the long, rectangular tables helped with this. The décor, however, was truly exquisite. Inspired by powerful vintage vibes, this venue made the guests feel really stylish. The hanging floral arrangements, the golden glittery table runners, and the entire set of details – they were all just mind-blowing and beautiful!
  • The escort card table was also breathtaking. Decorated with a wall full of pink flowers in different shades, this part of the wedding reception offered a truly grand welcome to anyone who walked in. It looked so unbelievably pretty!

Michelle and Serge, congratulations for planning a wedding that’s so modern and so conservative at the same time. In between trends and tradition, your Big Day found its ideal balance from an aesthetic point of view – and that is truly remarkable! May you live a happy life together, Michelle and Serge!

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