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do you tip the wedding photographer

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Wedding Photographers: To Tip or Not to Tip?

Are you planning your wedding and wondering if you should tip your photographer? If so, how much do you tip a wedding photographer? Is there a standard rule to follow? These are common questions many couples have during the wedding planning process.  After all, if your wedding photographer does great work, you want them to […]

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do you feed wedding photographer

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Feeding the Photographer at a Wedding: Is It Expected?

You’re planning your wedding and you finally pick the venue. The florist is ordering those specialty flowers. Your honeymoon is booked. Now, your caterer is asking how many meals you will need. And you don’t know what to say.  You have a guest count but you’re wondering, do you feed vendors at a wedding? More […]

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do i need 2 wedding photographers

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How Many Photographers Do You Need for a Wedding? Determining When and Why Hiring Two Photographers Is Ideal

You’ve likely made tons of decisions during the wedding planning process already.  Now you’ve got to decide, “How many wedding photographers do I need?” While your gut (and your photo album goals) might say two, the right number of photographers will depend on a few factors.  Read on to learn about: The benefits of having […]

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Photojournalistic Wedding Photography: What it Look Likes and How to Ensure Your Photographer Can Deliver on the Promise of Photojournalism

Capturing the true story of your wedding day is important to you — but how do you find a photographer that captures the raw and real moments while still leaving you with flawless photos?  Cue the photographer specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography.  If you’ve ever wondered if a photojournalistic wedding photography style is right for […]

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Dark & Moody Wedding Photography: Is It Right for Your Big Day?

Choosing a style of wedding photography can be challenging — there are so many factors to take into consideration: Your venue Time of day The style of your wedding  Location  And then there’s the emotion. If you’re looking to be transported back to your big day through your wedding photography, dark and moody wedding photography […]

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The Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before Booking Them

The wedding photos you take on your big day are among the only keepsakes you will have from your wedding.  They will be a visual reminder you and your partner will have for the rest of your lives.  You want to make sure you and your partner are both happy and in love with them.  […]

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