Brooklyn Heights engagement session – Marina and Allen

We run our business out of love, for love itself. We put passion and time, care and attention into each photo we take – and we do it because we genuinely want to make our clients happy.

That’s exactly what we hope we achieved with Marina and Allen’s Brooklyn Heights engagement shoot. A session filled with emotion and beauty, their engagement reminded us that love is powerful. There was just something about this couple that emanated strength and elegance – something that transpired into their engagement pictures too.

  • The future bride was very casual, but in a genuinely fashionable way. You could see just by the way she chose to dress herself for the photo session that she is a fashionista, a lady who really knows how to flaunt her beauty in a natural, never over-the-top way.
  • She wore a pair of black jeans ripped at the knees, a grey ribbed tank top, a pair of neutral stilettoes, and a mid-length coat in the same color. Later on, she left the coat aside for an even more autumn-like look, wearing a stylish plaid shirt in red, black, and grey. Her electric blue nails, as well as the accessories she chose made the outfit stand out in a pretty, elegant way. A true beauty whose happiness made our camera happy too!
  • The future groom wore a pair of jeans too. Coordinated with a simple V-neck T-shirt and a grey coat, he complemented his beautiful wife-to-be in terms of outfit and style. They looked made for each other, truly!
  • Of course, Marina and Allen’s fluffy friend couldn’t have missed from this utterly important event – so he made room for himself in a handful of shots that looked genuine, pure, and really fun.
  • Marina and Allen’s walk throughout Brooklyn Heights ended with pictures taken in multiple backgrounds – from beautifully fall-themed house entry stairs to tranquil scenery provided by the water. And, oh, did the bride and groom-to-be look amazing regardless of where they were!

Thank you for having chosen to work with us for such an important moment of your lives. We appreciate the trust you have put in us – and we genuinely hope our pictures made your love story feel “at home” in front of the cameras. Congratulations on the engagement – we’re more than certain your wedding will look even more amazing!  


This, when you can only say ‘wow’ and stand there in shock.

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