Why Hiring a Wedding Photographer Based Solely on Portraiture Skills is Not Enough: The Importance of Capturing Candid Moments, Emotions, and Adapting to Different Lighting Conditions

Hiring a wedding photographer is a significant decision and can have a significant impact on your wedding day memories. When it comes to selecting a photographer, it’s important to consider various factors, such as their experience, reputation, and style. While portrait photography is undoubtedly essential to many brides and grooms, it is not the only […]

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when do you pay your wedding photographer

Wedding Planning 101: When Do You Pay a Photographer?

Planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job. Stressful as it is, you’ve managed to … Still, you need to book your photographer and you want the best person to capture the special moments of your day.  Now that you’re booking many of the big ticket items, like most couples, you’re concerned about the […]

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why have a photo booth at your wedding scaled

Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding? Here’s Why We Think It’s Essential

You’re newly engaged and ready to start planning the wedding you’ve been dreaming of for years.  You need a venue, a florist, a dress, a photographer — the list goes on and on.  And while you’re researching every possible vendor in your area, your cousin asks if you’ve considered renting a photo booth, too. You […]

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hanging wedding photos in home

How To Display Wedding Photos: 9 Traditional and Modern Ideas for Displaying Your Wedding Photography at Home

You plan and primp for your wedding day. But before you know it, you’ve said “I do” — and all that’s left is 100s of photographs of your big day.  Deciding how to display the priceless photo memories of your wedding is a huge decision.  Do you want to go all minimalist and display just […]

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Getting Ready Wedding Photos: Tips for Capturing the Shots of a Lifetime

Your sister went crazy, your mom was crying, and you were all tears — these are the small moments you might not remember between getting your makeup done and putting on your wedding dress on your big day. Luckily, your photographer caught every important detail on camera for you to always have. The emotional and […]

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DUMBO engagement session New York SusanPaul 0032

The Do’s and Don’ts of NYC Engagement Photos — Plus Our Favorite Spots for a Unique Shoot

Imagine it:  A photographer is taking your engagement photo while kissing under a flowering tree in Central Park, but PDA isn’t your thing, and you’re left feeling uncomfortable.   You wish your photographer would capture you candidly as you’re hand-in-hand with your loved one strolling down the Brooklyn Bridge, laughing at her corny jokes that always […]

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