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New York City Wedding Venue Spotlight: 620 Loft and Garden

At Julian Ribinik Photography, we’ve had the great pleasure of photographing weddings at many iconic locations throughout New York City, including 620 Loft and Garden. What we love about 620 Loft and Garden is that it is a blank slate, so each wedding photographed here has been unique, and we’ve been fortunate to capture the beautiful love story of every couple.

We invite you to explore the dramatic beauty of 620 Loft and Garden and experience what a wedding at this venue might look like for you through our eyes.

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Booking 620 Loft and Garden: Wedding Cost Information

There are many options for using the iconic New York City 620 Loft and Garden venue for your wedding day — you’ll have to inquire with the property to get precise information on pricing.

A 620 Loft and Garden New York wedding will likely be worth the price tag. With romantic and unique spaces for iconic “I dos” that are steeped in history and glamour, each space can be styled to create an atmosphere perfect for celebrating your love.

Visit the 620 Loft and Garden website to find out more information about a 620 Loft and Garden wedding cost and additional services available for your wedding day.

620 Loft and Garden: Explore This Iconic NYC Wedding Venue

If history, glamour, and timeless New York City views are what you’re after, you’ll love the available spaces within the 620 Loft and Garden venue. This New York City landmark is located inside the famous Rockefeller Center and has become a popular choice for many couples.

Located on the 67th floor of Rockefeller Center, 620 Loft and Garden boasts iconic views of many historic landmarks of NYC. The Manhattan venue has been filled with interesting characters, incredible moments, and defining events over time.

Construction started on Rockefeller Center in 1931 — the intent was to create a “city within a city” and build a complex of buildings that offered opportunities to those in NYC.

Today, Rockefeller Center is filled with art, architecture, iconic venues, entertainment, and much more.



What makes 620 Loft and Garden so unique is its ability to transport you away from the busy city while finding yourself at the very center of New York’s skyline. The versatility of the space allows for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions year-round that boast the most wonderful architecture.

The terrace on the rooftop garden overlooks St. Patrick’s Cathedral and many other impressive buildings and landmarks that make up New York’s cityscape, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockefeller Plaza.

The indoor space is wall-to-wall windows and 10-foot high ceilings allowing guests to take in the breathtaking views at every turn.


The indoor and outdoor spaces of 620 Loft and Garden are versatile and can be transformed to fit nearly any wedding style. The venue is a blank slate and is entirely customizable to create the wedding of your dreams.

For a standing reception, the venue can accommodate up to 165 guests. For seated dinners, there’s space for 120 guests in the interior loft and 75 guests in the rooftop garden.

Because of how versatile 620 Loft and Garden is, you can utilize both spaces all year round for cocktail hour and/or a reception with some simple alterations.

The expansive outdoor terrace and stunning indoor loft both offer their own unique views of the city. As the seasons change, the views remain spectacular. Winter wedding guests can view the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and ice skating rink, and in summer, they can feast their eyes on the bright lights of the Radio City Music Hall marquee and Prometheus fountain.

Convenient parking is available in the Rockefeller Center parking garage — it’s best to make a reservation to save your spot. Many hotels are available in close proximity to Rockefeller Center.

Floor Plan Layout Options

620 Loft and Garden has both an interior space and a rooftop garden available for use on your wedding day.

The entire space showcases spectacular views, so no matter what you decide, your guests will have the opportunity to take in iconic New York City.

Hotels Near 620 Loft and Garden in NYC

There are many hotel options within close proximity of 620 Loft and Garden. The choices range from three to five stars and have various price points per night.

With so many options available, guests will have no problem finding something to suit their needs.

Hiring the Right Photographer for a 620 Loft and Garden Wedding

When choosing a photographer for your 620 Loft and Garden wedding, it’s important to consider their professional experience photographing weddings in the space. You want to ensure your photographer has a plan for how they’ll take advantage of the unique features of such an iconic New York City venue.

A skilled photographer, like Julian Ribinik Photography, will be able to capture the breathtaking views as well as the intimate ones that take place throughout your wedding day. We also know how to get around the unique challenges that are presented to photographers at historic venues.
With our signature editorial photography style, we can create a unique wedding album that will capture the one-of-a-kind experience of your wedding day in this space.

620 Loft and Garden is an iconic and timeless wedding venue that encapsulates many historic aspects of New York City. As experienced professionals, Julian Ribinik Photography will be sure to capture its gorgeous architecture and breathtaking views surrounding your love as it unfolds throughout your wedding day.

Contact us today to learn more about our photography services for your 620 Loft and Garden wedding and schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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