5 Wedding Getting Ready Outfits That Look Fab In Photos

Getting-ready photos have become a classic favorite for today’s modern bride. They provide a playful peek behind the scenes as the beautiful bride and her bridal party get ready for the big day.

These moments are special. They’re an opportunity to connect with the amazing women in your life before you get swept up in wedding day festivities. You get to enjoy being pampered and spending time with your girls knowing that all of the planning is over and that you finally get to marry your partner.

Now for the fun part! What are you going to wear?

You’ve spent months looking at dresses for yourself and your bridesmaids. It may have slipped your mind that you can create special moments with your wedding getting ready outfits too.

Some brides choose to play around with a wedding day theme when choosing outfits. You can also go for a more elegant and stylish look, or go with classic comfy robes. The choice is yours, and you can use it to set the tone for your wedding day.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, keep reading! We’ve put together 5 ideas for wedding getting ready outfits inspired by our beautiful brides.

Coordinated Jerseys

We absolutely love the coordinated jerseys that our bride Chelsea had made for her bridesmaids. She wore a white jersey and her girls were all dressed in black. This created an edgy contrast that photographed beautifully. The cozy knee-high socks tied their look together, and we can’t imagine a more beautiful team of ladies.

wedding getting ready outfits
unique getting ready outfits wedding

One great thing about this outfit is that your bridesmaids can definitely wear it again. It’s also a personalized souvenir that they can keep forever. If you want an outfit as unique as it is comfortable, matching jerseys are fantastic getting-ready outfits.

Elegant Loungewear and PJs

For Julia’s getting-ready photos, she chose the cutest piece of white lacy loungewear for herself and had her bridesmaids in gorgeous floral silk robes. These outfits are comfortable, stylish, effortlessly chic, and perfect for playing around in front of the camera.

wedding party getting ready outfits

Rachel’s wedding getting-ready outfits served up some upscale slumber party vibes. We loved photographing these lovely ladies as they sipped champagne in their matching PJ sets. Our bride-to-be was beautiful in a matching robe and loungewear set with beautiful lace detailing that truly made her shine.

Comfy pajamas and loungewear sets are perfect if you’re looking for a feminine yet playful look for your getting-ready photos.

pre wedding photos
day of wedding getting ready outfit

Classic Robes

Rebecca went with a beloved classic and got ready with her ladies in these chic kimono-style robes. This gorgeous purple was the accent color for her wedding, and it looked absolutely stunning in her photos. This is a fun way to include your accent colors into the more intimate parts of your wedding.

best wedding getting ready outfit

For her wedding day, Jackie took the classic robe and made it her own. Each woman’s robe was a different vibrant color and covered in flowers. This put a unique spin on the traditional robe. Jackie was absolutely in love with how the colors popped in her photos.

Custom robes are a simple way to create a unique look for your bridal party. Whether you go with different colors, prints, or fabrics, you’ll have a ton of exciting options to choose from.

unique wedding getting ready outfits

Monogrammed Wedding Getting Ready Outfits

Monogramming adds a touch of personalized detail to your getting-ready outfits. For Ariel’s big day, she chose these gorgeous deep blue nightshirts and had each lady’s initials beautifully embroidered into the fabric. Her choice to go with knee-length shirt dresses added a lovely feminine touch that her bridesmaids adored.

getting ready wedding photos

Lana’s sleek PJ sets were a similar deep blue color. The initials of her bridesmaids were also monogrammed onto the pockets. Her white robe was beautiful in its simplicity with just a delicate touch of blue for her own monogrammed initials.

Monogramming adds a special touch that turns your getting-ready outfits into meaningful keepsakes for your bridesmaids.

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Matching Accessories

Don’t forget about accessories! Personalized open-toed slippers are the perfect cozy gift for your girls. They also make for some cute photo moments, especially after a pedicure.

For her wedding, our bride Natalie had her bridal party in matching satin robes with intricate lace detailing. She added an adorable element of fun by getting every woman a pair of monogrammed slippers to match their robes. 

Matching accessories for your wedding getting ready outfits are a fun way to make your ladies feel special.


What to Look For in Wedding Getting Ready Outfits

Do you want your outfits to reflect any themes or colors from your wedding? Or do you want something that’s a more personal or quirky statement that celebrates you and your bridesmaids? Ask yourself questions like these before you choose your outfits.

It’s easy to see how any of these wedding getting-ready outfits could be perfect for your big day. From casual comfort to sleek elegance, there’s an option for every bride.

Choosing Your Photographer

As you search for a photographer, review their past work. This way, you can get a feel for their style to determine if it reflects your vision. You’ll want one who understands the importance of getting ready photos, as you’ll want to remember these candid moments forever.

If you’re looking for a luxury photographer to tell your wedding story, consider New York wedding photographer Julian Ribinik. We’re a husband and wife photographer team with a passion for dramatic storytelling through an editorial lens. We’d love to bring your wedding day photography dreams to life.

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