Creating Your Perfect Wedding Album: Our Process

Your wedding day was everything you dreamed of and more. Now that you’re back from an amazing honeymoon, you simply can’t wait to see what your wedding photos look like. If you choose to work with us, we realize you’ll probably have some questions — especially when it comes to creating your perfect wedding album. Just how do we do it? We thought we’d give you a little insight into our process…

creating your perfect wedding album

When it comes to your wedding, we really feel that it’s all about the story of your day. From the time you begin getting ready to the moment you depart the reception, our goal is for your images to reflect all of the emotions that we capture during the day. We start out by choosing the images that we really like, as well as images that we feel need to be included to tell this story. If you have family photos that you’d like us to edit, we are happy to do so. However, we don’t edit family photos without your input, as we don’t know which ones are important. Typically, we edit up to 500 images for each couple that we work with.

creating your perfect wedding album

Once these images are ready, we will send you a link to a private online gallery. Here, you can view all of your images and select your favorite 60 (if you have purchased a standard 40-page album). During this time, we will also provide you with options for your album’s cover and book design. This will include any upgrade options you may be interested in. When you’re confident you’ve chosen exactly what you want, you can let us know and we will add you to our album queue. Depending on the season the queue wait can vary, but rest assured it will never be over two months. We always strive to provide you with your wedding album as soon as possible.

When we create an album, we do suggest that the photos be in chronological order. However, if you would like the images to be in a different order, we’d be more than happy to do that for you. As we work on your album, we’ll edit any images you may have chosen outside of the ones we picked, and we’ll design an album draft. Once the draft is ready, we’ll send it to you through a website called AlbumDraft. Here, you can view the actual spreads online, make comments and ask for changes. After we receive your comments, we will work on changes (or, in some cases, explain why some can’t be made). We’ll go back and forth with you until you’re totally happy with the design. We’ll also remind you to choose any available album options (if you didn’t already). If you need a proof for the cover, we will also provide that for you.

And then… We’ll send the album to print! From this point, it takes about two months to receive an album back from the printing company. Once we receive it, we inspect it thoroughly and send it to you to keep as a cherished memory of the most important day of your life!

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