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We are a husband and wife team and we have been given an amazing gift: we know what beautiful looks like...and not only that, but we can capture it for you...to give you your most precious memories...

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Ward III wedding – Ashley and Soquel

Ward III – Ashley and Soquel

Ashley and Soquel are head over heels in love. They celebrated at Ward III in Manhattan with a sweet, personal ceremony with a handful of their loved ones. Their love radiates in their smiles, glances, and small touches. They chose not to spend their mornings apart, rather, they helped each other every step of the way. From applying makeup to zipping up their dresses, they celebrated in every moment.

They showcased their personalities through and through. Although both of their dresses included voluminous tulle and matching bejeweled heels, their styles are all their own and they embraced that to the fullest.

After the ceremony, the couple stepped out to take photos, glance at their new, permanent jewelry, and relish in their brand new nuptials. They returned for an intimate night of fun with their loved ones. It was an honor to share in their happiness!

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Ward III Wedding

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  1. Love your pictures and your style of wedding photography!
    ValPhotography – Hochzeitsfotograf Wien

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