Dima and Galia are getting married!

Yesterday I was at the wedding of my beloved cousin, Dima, who married beautiful Galia! I love you both, guys!

  • Kisa - March 2, 2011 - 12:04 PM

    Hi Julian,
    Tammy made me aware of your FB archive and as I get the free time, I have been going back and looking at old posts. They are all beautiful and I have been enjoying them so much. This post of your cousins’ wedding really aroused my curiosity. Why did you choose to do all the images in black and white? I would wonder about this choice with any wedding, but particularly in sunny, colorful Israel. I am always interested in the workings of the artist’s mind, so if you get a chance to reply, I would be delighted to learn a little more about you and your creative process.


    • Julian Ribinik - March 2, 2011 - 12:32 PM

      Kisa, hi, how are you?
      Thank you for your warm words!
      I am happy to tell more about it.
      First of all, this is not a retouching of any kind, this is simply black and white film, like in 70’s.
      Originally I am coming from film photography, specifically street photography, and I personally think, that black and white is TRUE photography.
      It brings out what is really in the photo. My cousin shares this philosophy, as he’s coming from the same place.
      This is why I decided to shoot their pre-ceremony pictures in pure black and white.
      Film photography is much more personal, as much more thought needed before you shoot the frame, there’s only 36 frames, and you can’t miss, and all the developing process is done my me in my laboratory.

      Please feel free to ask any other question you might think of 🙂

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