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Where can two photographers meet and fall in love? You guessed right - a professional photoshoot!

We were introduced… we spoke.. we connected… we fell in love that very day but didn’t see each other until Valentine's day when we whirl pooled into the love story we have never experienced before. We lived together…and laughed together… skied together and went on a hot air balloon ride together and had the most romantic engagement… had our first amazing baby girl who brought so much more love into our life (like if it was even possible). We thought - dang, we make beautiful babies - and had another beautiful girl.

We planned our own wedding… and we cried and laughed and were nervous like first graders and we danced and loved and enjoyed such an amazing life that we have built for us. So we have been through highs and lows… and we know how it feels to be bride and groom..
We are a husband and wife team and we have been given an amazing gift: we know what beautiful looks like.. and not only that but we can capture it for you… to give you most precious memories…

Let us do our magic. You will re-live the story of your event through our images and still get teary 10-15 years later.
That we can guarantee :)

By the way, those photos of us were taken by extremely talented Andria Lidquist and if you're ever in Seattle, definitely have a session with this super-girl!